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Jose Jeuland is Commercial, Editorial, Portraiture and Documentary Photographer / Director in Singapore. Check out his review here.


Peak Design has always been known for its innovative, thoughtful product designs and Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber is one of them. I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber, I couldn’t wait to test out its limits and share my experience with you.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

The travel tripod comes in 2 different material options: Aluminium or Carbon Fiber. I personally selected the Carbon Fiber option for the travel tripod since it was the lightest option. What better way to start experimenting with these travel tripods by choosing the lightest of the lot?


Peak Design started crowdfunding on Kickstarter before the brand was successfully brought to life. Curious about the brand and its suite of products, I was enthusiastic to learn more about them and their travel tripod, having heard a slew of good reviews.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber reviewUpon receiving my well-packed tripod from Peak Design, I was slightly surprised by how light the package felt in my hands. The Carbon Fiber tripod was such an experience for me. It is the ultimate travel tripod due to its size and weight.

Packaging Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon FiberEven down to the packaging, Peak Design has made it so functional and kept it environmentally friendly as well. The case of the tripod is entirely made up of recycled material and it comes swathed in a fabric case with straps and loops that can be attached to your bags. With this functionality available to me, I don’t have to stuff my tripod into the sides of my bag or carry it with me separately.

Packaging Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber

 My Experience Using the Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber

To test the tripod’s ability, I brought it along with me to my photoshoot for the Financial Times Magazine and other commercial photoshoots. This required me to travel to multiple locations with the tripod on hand.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon FiberIt was the most pleasant experience I had ever had using a tripod. As expected, the tripod was extremely convenient and light for me to travel around with. Despite the fact that the tripod is much more compact and thinner than what I am used to, the 5 leg structure, and ability to increase its height up to 152.4cm is just mind-blowing.

5 leg structure Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon FiberIf you are thinking about whether the tripod is capable of surviving on lands with ice or rocks, fret not! Spikes can be added to your tripod for additional stability and functionality in accordance with your needs.

5 leg structure Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon FiberInnovative Features of the tripod

The versatility of the product makes it a breeze for me to change my angles and height when required me. From interior to product photography, the ergonomic ball head that’s attached to the tripod allows me to easily rotate. In comparison with other tripods, the attached ball head is a major plus point as most tripods in the market sell the ball head separately.

ergonomic ball head rotate Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber review

ergonomic ball head rotate Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber reviewThe tripod also comes with a that is attached to one of the legs. This meant that I no longer have to hang the wrench off my keys, belt loops, and other weird places. The locks can only be unlatched with the wrench and it gives me such peace knowing that I do not have to worry about my camera falling off my tripod suddenly.

hex wrench attached Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber

Due to its lightweight and minimalist design, it is highly advisable to add weight to the tripod when using it outdoors, especially when you are fighting against the wind. When dealing with the weather, you need not worry at all. The tripod is built with weather-resistant materials and it can handle the weight of a medium format camera and a telephoto lens.

During my recent shoot, which was out of the studio, I was in a small, crowded bakery store with customers sauntering in and out. I was at complete ease because the tripod was hanging tight to the Peak Design Everyday Backpack, preventing any accident.

Bag with Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber

My thoughts after using the Peak Design Travel Tripod

I would highly recommend the travel tripod to professionals and hobbyists who are constantly on the move. The versatility and innovative elements will surely make a good difference in your life. From the weight to its design, it is definitely the ultimate travel tripod.

To date, it is the best travel tripod I had ever owned.

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hight review Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon Fiber outdoorSpecifications from Peak Design:SKU/PART NUMBER:
TT-CB-5-150-CF-1 (Carbon Fiber)

Carbon: 1.29 kg (2.81 lbs)

9.1 kg (20 lbs)*

Length: 39.1 cm (15.4”)
Diameter: 7.9 cm (3.125”)

Max height (center column raised): 152.4 cm (60″)
Max height (center column down): 130.2 cm (51.25″)
Min height (low mode): 14 cm (5.5”)
Tabletop Mode (center column raised): 57.2 cm (22.5″)
Tabletop Mode (center column down): 35.9 cm (13.125”)


Aluminum cams

Ball Head, Hub, Load Hook: Powder-coated A380 Aluminium
Legs: Carbon F’n fiber (Carbon)
Quick Release, Adjustment Ring, Center Column
Knob: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
Locking Ring: Polycarbonate/ABS blend
Feet: ShoreA60 TPU

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