Texenergy is in the industry of designing, developing, and manufacturing ground-breaking award-winning primary sources of off-grid power.

The unique power solutions use turbine technologies, creating power anytime, anywhere you need it.
Our vision has always been to design products that not only work in everyday situations but also make a significant difference in emergency preparedness, off-grid living, and clean energy. Making outdoor life easier for campers, scientific explorers, militaries, medic missionaries, emergency support teams, and individuals in a situation in need of electricity.

OST Singapore is the official distributor of Texenergy in Singapore.



Infinite Air Portable Wind Turbine

The Infinite Air harnesses the wind to generate instant power direct to a device or battery and is perfect for charging smartphones, cameras, medical equipment and more.

The Infinite Air is a groundbreaking and completely portable wind-powered turbine. It has been 4 years in development using the highest industry expertise and addresses the need for off-grid, portable power generation when traditional solar charging is not possible.

The Infinite Air has precision designed blades that maximize torque and power, making it very efficient for its size. It is light, completely portable and packs away for easy storage.

Designed for use by individuals, expedition teams and anyone who relies upon off-grid power, the Infinite Air will also be invaluable in a disaster or emergency situation for use by medics and aid workers. It is supplied with a collapsing tripod and there is an Infinite Air Clamp available in our range that can be used as an alternative mount.


Tex-Flex Light Flexible Rechargeable Battery

Our Tex-Flex is flexible, wearable, portable power and is perfect for charging smartphones, iPhones, GPS, satphones, headlamps and more.
The Tex-Flex comes with a tough braided 680mm cable attached that allows your battery to be stored in a pack or pocket and can also be threaded down your sleeve so that the controller is to hand.

The battery is IP67 rated and can be submerged in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The controller is IP65 rated and protected against dust and splashes when the rubber cap is in place.


USB Motorbike Charger & USB Car Charger

Charge your mobile devices while on the road with Texenergy's motorbike and car USB chargers.