LARQ Pitcher PureVis™ with Advanced Filter

New Larq Pitcher - The only one that has unique 2-step filtration and purification.

Pure water beyond filtration The LARQ Pitcher PureVis™ goes beyond filtration with a unique 2-step filtration and purification process for pure-tasting water sip after sip.
1.Better filtration Our innovative plant-based filters are independently tested to the highest standards to be effective against pollutants like lead, chlorine, mercury, VOCs, cadmium, particulates, and more.
2. PureVis™ UV-C LED Proprietary PureVis™ technology purifies your water by destroying bio-contaminants at the molecular level.

Traditional vs LARQ Pitcher

Traditional pitchers collect unwanted pollutants in filters where they can quickly multiply and reverse contaminate your water.


Pure-tasting water

Pure-tasting water provides better-tasting coffee, tea, smoothies—everything—for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Don’t settle for anything less.

Filtration for all

Our innovative plant-based filters are independently tested to NSF/ANSI 42, 53 & 401 standards to be effective against a wide range of pollutants.




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