Colop e-Mark: Mobile printer for professionals

Colop e-mark is the new era for mobile printing that makes printing in color directly on any absorbent surface possible, with just a simple sideways swipe of the device.⁣
The software allows you to create any kind of imprint, including logos, texts, pictures, date, time, numbers and much more. ⁣occasion that needs printing you can use it, edit and print it right away.⁣

How Colop e-mark works?


  • Connect your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) with the e-mark via Wifi or through USB with your PC respectively
  • Create own or use predefined templates
  • Send the imprint to the e-mark
  • … and slide


Unique features

Discover the special features of the e-mark

  • Multi-colour printing

    Not in just one, two, or three colours – print in any colour combination in high resolution with a simple sideways movement to the left or to the right. This way, printing pictures, logos or other graphical elements is made easy.

  • Portable and mobile

    Take the e-mark create with you, wherever you go. It even fits in a small handbag and can be operated without access to additional infrastructure, such a local network, internet connection or socket.

  • Print on many surfaces

    Unlike a regular printer, the COLOP e-mark create is able to print on almost every absorbent surface such as paper, cardboard, wood, textile, cork and many others. This makes the device a very flexible creative tool.

  • Free software

    Enjoy the iOS and Android app with numerous preinstalled templates. Create your own designs or customise the preinstalled templates for various occasions and applications.

  • Various accessories available

    Our accessories range increases the flexibility of the e-mark create even further. We offer a Ribbon Guide and Ribbons for making presents and decorating, Wristbands that can be personalised for your event, Endless-Labels with a special coating to make the imprint scratch and water proof, and more. Click here to find out more

  • Design and print in seconds

    Design your individual artwork just using your fingertips or select one of the many different predefined templates, send and print in no time. Creativity, effortless

Where you can use it

Office Documents

Certificates and Documents

Logo or graphic printing on the textile or ribbon


Gifts, souvenirs and more!

Watch DIY here!




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