360 Video Conferencing Camera

Kandao focuses on virtual reality technology research and development, providing patented end-to-end solutions for virtual reality video capturing and live streaming. With it's technology, video conferencing make it easier and smarter through the use of the 360 camera with true face-to-face meeting experience by delivering 1080P HD video with crystal clear audio.

This is perfect for business specially during this new normal working situation. 






Ultra-Wide 180° Standalone Video Conference Camera 


Ultra-Wide 180° Standalone Video Conference Camera
Integration of professional 180° video, full-duplex audio system with eight-microphone array and Hi-Fi speaker, and Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm, Kandao Meeting S provides an efficient and great experience in hybrid meeting.
Standalone Mode-New Level of Hybrid Meeting
Video conferencing is more important than ever these days. It has become an indispensable way of efficient work and interpersonal communication. Kandao Meeting S has a standalone mode, allowing you to set up a meeting by one machine. No more external devices or complex setups, Kandao Meeting S leads a new era of video conferencing.
Focus on Things that Matter
With advanced Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm, Kandao Meeting S can intelligently detect and track the active speaker. Offer flexible discussion modes for different meeting scenarios.

Ultra Wide
Never left out any detail in the meeting room.
View Lock and Zoom
Provides view-lock and zoom function for best collaboration.
180° Ultra-Wide View, Cover the Whole Room
Kandao Meeting S is equipped with a 195° ultra-wide camera, covering 180° view. Participants don’t need to squeeze together, no one will be left out. Just enjoy a more immersive and natural video conference. Light and Color Optimization shows the best of you in different meeting spaces.
Conventional cameras are difficult to capture every part of the room or frame all participants in real-time.
Support Major Video Conferencing Platforms
USB connection is also available for external equipment.


Kandao Meeting 360° All-in-one Conferencing Camera

Kandao 360° all-in-one conferencing camera gives you a true face-to-face meeting experience by delivering 1080P HD video with crystal clear audio.

Combining a 360° camera, 8 omnidirectional microphones and 2 full duplex speakerphones in an affordable package, Kandao 360° video conference camera offers the feature of auto-focus that is unique at this price point. Plug and play and compatible with various video conferencing platforms, it offers a simple to use, high quality audio and video solution for a remote meeting of any size.

Kandao 360° conference cams with built in microphone and 360 camera provide more than a conference call. It encourages a smarter and more intuitive meeting experience for group conferencing, to let remote workers communicate as if they were in the same room with the team, talking face to face.

NEW Kandao Meeting Pro

Kandao Meeting Pro is a new upgraded version on Kandao Meeting collection. While carrying all powerful functions of kandao meeting, it has also been upgraded to an independent smart conference terminal, which is a more powerful 360° smart video conference camera.

Kandao Qoocam Lite 360° Action Camera

Capture memorable moments with the Kandao Qoocam Lite portable 360° action camera. With the built in video stabilizer, recording action on the go will be a breeze. 

Use the provided Kandao Studio software for post video editing; horizon leveling enables your 360° videos to look great.