NEW Hohem iSteady V2 3-Axis

iSteady V2 3-Axis AI Smartphone Gimbal with Built-in AI Vision Sensor is finally here!



A New Vision of Interaction, Built-in AI Vision Sensor
Built-in AI vision sensor, iSteady V2 is able to do smart tracking automatically without any apps. This is not only a new breakthrough in phone gimbal market, but also a technological revolution for the gimbal industry.

Innovative Double-column Cooling System
The ultra-quiet fanless passive cooling solution is equipped with an innovative 'double column' cooling system, which will let the AI sensor quickly cooling through the clamping steel column, to ensure the AI sensor with a long time and high-performance operation.

The stability of the cooling system is verified in the extreme environment by simulating with a high temperature oven of 60 degrees and continuous 48 hours aging test.

Double Laminated Board Design, Ultimate Space Utilization

The design of iSteady V2 includes dozens of components such as AI vision sensor, brightness adjustable LED video light and buttons, they are highly integrated in the phone clamp without adding any extra weight and size.

Physical Tracking by Hardware
iSteady V2 achieves face tracking with its built-in patent AI vision sensor. It is different from the other gimbal, because it doesn't need to rely on a specific app to achieve face tracking, and it is compatible with all of the third-party apps.


No need complicated Bluetooth connection
Even if your mobile is not connected to Bluetooth, you can still use the smart tracking by its built-in AI vision sensor anytime, anywhere.


Support All Mobile Apps
No matter what mobile apps you launched, iSteady V2 is able to track.
Livestream, Online Learning, Online Conference, iSteady V2 can easily cope with different demands.

Three Adjustable Brightness Level of LED Video Light
Its built-in LED video light with touch button has three adjustable brightness level to fulfill different needs and bring out your skin's natural glow.


3-Axis Mechanical Stabilization
Electronic image stabilization is achieved by cropping the footage and cause quality damage. Thus 3-axis mechanical gimbal stabilization is much better than electronic image stabilization to avoid footage quality being damaged and cropped.




18650 Li-on

Capacity (mAh)


Working Voltage


Operating Time (hrs)

9 hours

4 hours (with AI vision sensor)

2 hours (with AI vision sensor & LED video light)


Bidirectional charging port (Type C) supports gimbal works while charging.

Charging Time (hrs)


Working Temperature




APP Functions

Moment Mode

Auto-inception Mode

Motion Timelapse

Real-time Beauty Mode

Camera Setting

Personal Specs. Setting


Online Firmware Upgrade

Working Modes

Pan& Tilt Follow

Auto-inception Mode

Sport Mode

POV All Follow Mode

All Lock Mode



Bluetooth 3.0 

Bluetooth 4.0


Hohem Pro

Supported Systems

iOS 10.0 and later

Android 6.0 and later






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